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Why should I trim my trees?

Trimming your trees has many benefits. It helps the health of the tree by getting rid of dead wood, extra weight, crossing limbs, and possible infections. Trees can also become a safety hazard that can only be solved by trimming them or removal of the tree. Trimming your tree can also help beautify your yard and keep it looking great!

When should I trim my trees?

Most trees can be trimmed any time of year and not affect the tree’s health. However, there are some types of trees, such as fruit trees, that are best trimmed when they are dormant to help make sure the health of the tree is sustained. If you have any questions about when you should trim your trees, give us a call! 208-432-2221

I think my tree is infected. What should I do?

Call us immediately! The longer your tree is infected, the less likely it is to survive. We recommend having your tree trimmed in order to remove as much infection as possible and then having it sprayed to kill off any fungus or beetle still left in the tree. We offer spraying for all kinds of trees, fungus, and beetles that may be affecting your trees health. To prevent your tree from getting infected, we recommend getting your trees sprayed annually.

How much does tree trimming cost?

Every job is different, so every price is different. Scott will come give you a free quote and even work with you on payments if that’s what you need to do.