Green Waste Facility

We Accept Green Waste

Green Waste Recycling and Disposal from Tree Trouble

Save A Trip to the Landfill

We get it! You’re hard working yourself and like to get your hands dirty! But what do you do with the green waste? For half the time, and half the gas of bringing it to the landfills, you can now bring it to Tree Trouble’s yard! Where are we located? Just west of Duck Ugly’s on Hwy 30 there is a Tree Trouble sign with a big green arrow. Take that turn on S 175 W and watch for the same sign and follow the green arrow. Juli is inside the office trailer next to the old potato cellar ready to assist you from there!

Want to know what we do with the debris? After the wood has had time to dry out, we put it through a grinder and farmers use it for things like calf bedding or pivot lines. Then it is recycled into compost that help grow the food we eat! That’s why our product must be free of all garbage! Please help us keep this facility clean by not bringing in garbage with your loads.

What is Considered “Green Waste?”

Our green waste facility accepts loads of tree limbs, leaves, grass clippings, weeds, and tree logs. We can not facilitate garbage, boards, building debris, tires, or any sort of a tree with metal (nails, metal fence posts, screws etc) of any kind intermingled in it.

Tree Trouble Green Waste Facility Burley Idaho

Professional Green Waste Management Facility

Green Waste Facility Pricing Burley Idaho

Green Waste Recycling and Disposal from Tree Trouble

Pricing ~ Green Waste

  • We charge $1.50/sq yd
  • A pickup truck full of limbs is roughly $3.00
  • 2 Bags of yard clippings for $1.00 (bag must be emptied and removed from property)
  • If you’re tackling a big project and will have multiple loads, price agreements can be made.
  • If garbage is found in loads, you will be charged extra or you may be turned away.