Safe Tree Removal in the Magic Valley of Southern Idaho

Safe Tree Removal in the Magic Valley of Southern Idaho

Tree removal is a dangerous job that requires specialized skill and knowledge. In fact, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that there are more than 200 tree-related fatal injuries every year in the United States. While there are many factors that make tree removal so dangerous, one of the biggest factors is a lack of proper tools or misuse of tools. Of course, the tree itself can pose a danger as well. Some ways that the trees can cause injuries include:

  • Falling on people or equipment
  • Weak limbs acting as a poor support system
  • Proximity to electrical lines or telephone lines
  • Serving as a home to poisonous insects or plants

Failure to take the proper precautions when removing a tree from your southern Idaho property can lead to serious consequences. To ensure the job is done right without causing personal injury or property damage, contact Tree Trouble today. We will be happy to meet all of your tree removal needs in the Magic Valley of southern Idaho.

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