We Will Grow

We Will Grow

When tragedy strikes, everyone reacts in different ways. Some cry, some get angry, some try to point fingers, others cling to family and friends, and the list goes on. There is no simple or “one size fits all,” solution to a tragedy of any kind. However, there is one common thing that can take place in the face of hardship: growth.

Within our community, an extremely difficult situation occurred on November 13, 2018. The death of a wonderful man occurred and another wonderful man was very badly injured. These men were doing their job and doing a phenomenal job of accomplishing the task in front of them when a maneuver that had been accomplished several times that day went wrong and ended in a terrible way.

Corbin Bowers and Emmett Koyle are incredible individuals. Both of these wonderful men had recently joined the Tree Trouble family to improve the lives of their own growing families. Corbin has always had a love for yielding a chainsaw and knew more about saws, trees, cuts, and more than any other person we knew. He knew just what to do to solve any tree related task we had ahead. His favorite was “trimming,” a tree with a Stihl 066.  He was an honest, hardworking, loving, giant of a man who’s love for his faith, family, and friends was well known to all. We were so excited to have him join our crew with future plans to have him co-manage Tree Trouble along with Juli Jaime while Scott Yates and William Garvey were going to take on other projects within the company. We were going places with him helping lead the way. Corbin was helping train Emmett so that he too could be a great asset to our team when in the blink of an eye, everything changed.

Words cannot describe the hurt that many are feeling at this time because of the loss and injury of these great men. Our eyes are wet and hands are shaking as we navigate how to continue on this new path that we’ve all been faced with but we will continue on because that’s what they would have wanted. Corbin was continually teaching us new things and helping improve our business and he wouldn’t have wanted that knowledge to go to waste. Because of a personal friendship we also know that he did the same with his faith in God and was continually sharing his testimony of a loving Savior and His magnificent atonement. This too, he would not want us to waste.

So how do we continue on in loving memory of this great man? We grow. We let the lessons he taught us help direct our future. We pull from our memory banks all the wonderful things he’s said and done and teach others. We help mend the hearts of those hurting at this time and push forward to continue a beautiful cycle of loving those around us and triumph in the growth of others around us. We become a stronger more unified group of individuals whose goal is to carry on with more love in our hearts and more encouragement to share our knowledge. We grow because that’s how we become stronger. We grow because that’s how we show we’ve learned. We grow because we know he is growing. We grow because we have some big shoes to fill of a wonderful man.

Scott Yates, Marianne Yates, William Garvey, Juli Jaime, Skylar Parton, Jesse Gomez, Cody Ballard, Morgan Hair, Garrett Craine

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